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[Round 37] Backdated to Christmas

[Before midnight Phone]

To everyone who's looking to kill people that decided to fucking disappear, screw you! [Mostly because he was one of those people.]

...Also, I got a few songs for you bastards. I'll be in the town if you wanna hear 'em.


[And true to his word, Dempsey was standing in front of various shops, dressed up in some warm clothes while carrying his weapons, and looking over what appeared to be a book of Christmas carols.]

Alright let's see here, how about this one? [Clearing his throat he began to sing his chosen song.]

Sloshing through the blood,
of zombies that we've slayin'
through the gobs of goo
laughing all the way.
Moaning pieces swing,
shrinking from the light.
What fun it is to laugh and sing
as we kill undead tonight!

[Phone {Or action to those in the Dempsey residence}- The next day.]

[One of the first things that Dempsey had taken notice of after he had awoken was the fact that there was actual gifts underneath the Christmas tree and in the stockings]

...Holy crap! Are these fucking presents for real this time!

[It was too good to be true, so Dempsey decided to grab his stocking and the two gifts that were his from underneath the tree and began going through the them. The sound of things falling to the floor could be heard as he dumped out what was in his stocking.] Damn it! Got fucking coal! The other gifts had better be fucking better!
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Round 34 [Action]

[To some people who may not know him well, it may come as some what of a shock to know that Dempsey was still alive. Sure the radiation was starting to take it's toll on his body. But he has been through similar situations like this before, the only difference this time was that he could feel his body beginning to wither away and give in to the nuclear fallout, the little bit of hair that he had allowed to grow on his head was almost completely gone. All of the wounds that he had sustained from fighting and scavenging were not healing properly and he had quickly found himself extremely susceptible to illness.

At the moment he was currently taking in any survivors that might come his way, allowing them to use his basement as shelter. However at the same time he had found himself picking fights with the odd cannibal, or cannibals, that had wandered too far away from their groups, doing so mostly out of hope that it would not be the radiation that kills him.

Even as night fell he kept himself wide awake, looking out for anyone who had survived the past couple of days.]

{OOC: Feel free to have been one of the few who had made it to Dempsey's basement or just a person passing by. Post is open to all.}
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Round 32 [Shroomfield action] {Backdated a little}

[Dempsey hadn't been watching what he was putting inside of his food, and in all truth and honesty he didn't really care. He just wanted to make himself some soap as the days began to turn colder. Of course because of this he hadn't taken notice of the strange mushrooms that had cut up, figuring that since they were in the kitchen then someone in the house must have bought, therefore they were safe to eat. Of course as it turns out the exact opposite was true, something that he would quickly find out soon enough.]

[Action; Goldberg St.]
Collapse )

{OOC: Alright as you can probably tell, Dempsey has eaten the mushrooms and is not in the best of mind at the moment. So please, approach him at your own risk as he may very well attack you. Note: he will not kill or harm your character in anyway possible unless specifically asked for. Also, he is currently unarmed at the moment so there is no need to worry about him shooting your character if they approach or run away. Also, if you really believe that your character can get Dempsey to snap out of it, then by all means go ahead and try. And as a side warning, there may also be extremely heavy language. So if you find any of Dempsey's language to be too offensive here then I will censor it.
Little Dempsey!

[Action] Round 31

[Action A: Locked to anyone who may have some reason to be inside of his house.]

[Through out the entire morning of the Dempsey residence a person may take notice of the sound of squeaking. And in truth one may believe that it would either be the sound of the house settling or that there may have been a mouse on the loose. However, any of those ideas would quickly become crushed if they actually listened to the squeaking, which sounded eerily similar to a human voice. And if they looked around enough they may actually see what appears to be Tank himself, now no bigger than the size of a small mouse.]

Ha, okay this is not fucking cool!

[Action B: In the front lawn of Dempsey's house.]

[Somehow Dempsey had managed to work his way out of his house. And now he runs the risk of being crushed, kicked, burned and other terrible fates. That is, if he survives his currently battle with a nearby spider.]

C'mon you over-grown bug! I'll crush ya like I fucking do when I'm regular size!

[Are you willing to help him out in his current plight?]

bloody picture

Round 30 [Action] Zombies beware

[Action A]

[Dempsey had long since abandoned his house, which was now ravaged by hordes of the undead and literally covered with dead, headless bodies. Instead he has opted to find shelter elsewhere and is currently busy destroying everything that gets in his way. And yes, he will take survivors as part of his group.]

[Action B]

[Maybe you're caught in a horde, or are a part of one, or perhaps you were just passing by when you take notice of the man finishing off the rremnants of another wave of the undead. It was clear that he has been extremely busy as well, at the moment he was sweating and panting hard but was still grinning with glee. After all he's been held back for way too long and has been wanting to murder something for a long while now. The appearance of the zombies has only made him one very happy man.]

Hey zombies! You're dying over here!

[Action C]

[As things stand Dempsey has decided that it would probably be in the best interest for himself, and anyone who has chosen to be a part of his group, to head out of what were once the more heavily populated areas of the town.

Are you a survivor who had found their way to him? Someone who was infected and is now trying to eat his flesh? Or perhaps already part of his group.]
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Round 29 [Video/Action] Zombie killing time!


[There were sounds of gunshots and moans being silenced along with a loud song. Alternatively a person could here a man laughing in maniacal glee and spewing out various insults and curse words towards the shambling dead. And then, silence before he picked up the phone.]

Hey! Any of you fucking assholes still alive? If ya are then come down to my place, unless you're bit then stay the fuck away. I've got this place on lock down and having a hell of a time over here. [Another bang of a gunshot.]

And bring your own shit too! Don't have enough for everyone. Also, name's Tank Fucking Dempsey and my house is at 825 Goldberg; when ya get here make sure you let me know you're not dead so I don't cap your ass.


[For those of you who actually did decide to go to Dempsey's house, or were just passing by, they would be able to see the house almost entirely boarded up. The sights and sounds of gunfire and someone actively adding or replacing the defenses just made the place look and feel more lively. And possibly a little inviting and safe as well considering that there was a rather large body count growing around the house, on the side walk and yard. That song could also still be heard as well, along with Tank's voice constantly mocking and yelling at the hordes of undead that ventured too close.]
Tank Dempsey hear me roar

Round 28 [Action: Locked to dancingribbons]


[Dempsey growled as he continued his rampage around the room, which was more of an over-glorified tantrum. At the moment he was picking things up and throwing them at the room's window, which was doing next to nothing to the glass. However it did seem to keep him busy, even if the man was currently destroying the room that he was locked in. Finally though he seemed to have run out of steam and plopped down onto the queen-sized bed in the room.]

God-fucking-damn it!!!

[He yelled out in fury before turning towards his not!wife, Wilhelmina.] Why the hell do I have to be stuck in here with you of all people!?

[Crossing his arms across his chest with a scowl on his face before he began to mumble to himself, although she could probably hear him anyway.] Stuck in a hotel with a woman that doesn't even put out, great fucking idea town.