Tank Dempsey (zombee_slayer) wrote,
Tank Dempsey

[Round 37] Backdated to Christmas

[Before midnight Phone]

To everyone who's looking to kill people that decided to fucking disappear, screw you! [Mostly because he was one of those people.]

...Also, I got a few songs for you bastards. I'll be in the town if you wanna hear 'em.


[And true to his word, Dempsey was standing in front of various shops, dressed up in some warm clothes while carrying his weapons, and looking over what appeared to be a book of Christmas carols.]

Alright let's see here, how about this one? [Clearing his throat he began to sing his chosen song.]

Sloshing through the blood,
of zombies that we've slayin'
through the gobs of goo
laughing all the way.
Moaning pieces swing,
shrinking from the light.
What fun it is to laugh and sing
as we kill undead tonight!

[Phone {Or action to those in the Dempsey residence}- The next day.]

[One of the first things that Dempsey had taken notice of after he had awoken was the fact that there was actual gifts underneath the Christmas tree and in the stockings]

...Holy crap! Are these fucking presents for real this time!

[It was too good to be true, so Dempsey decided to grab his stocking and the two gifts that were his from underneath the tree and began going through the them. The sound of things falling to the floor could be heard as he dumped out what was in his stocking.] Damn it! Got fucking coal! The other gifts had better be fucking better!
Tags: action, caroling, christmas, phone, regain
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