November 28th, 2011

Having a smoke

Round 34 [Action]

[To some people who may not know him well, it may come as some what of a shock to know that Dempsey was still alive. Sure the radiation was starting to take it's toll on his body. But he has been through similar situations like this before, the only difference this time was that he could feel his body beginning to wither away and give in to the nuclear fallout, the little bit of hair that he had allowed to grow on his head was almost completely gone. All of the wounds that he had sustained from fighting and scavenging were not healing properly and he had quickly found himself extremely susceptible to illness.

At the moment he was currently taking in any survivors that might come his way, allowing them to use his basement as shelter. However at the same time he had found himself picking fights with the odd cannibal, or cannibals, that had wandered too far away from their groups, doing so mostly out of hope that it would not be the radiation that kills him.

Even as night fell he kept himself wide awake, looking out for anyone who had survived the past couple of days.]

{OOC: Feel free to have been one of the few who had made it to Dempsey's basement or just a person passing by. Post is open to all.}