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Round 28 [Action: Locked to dancingribbons]
Tank Dempsey hear me roar

[Dempsey growled as he continued his rampage around the room, which was more of an over-glorified tantrum. At the moment he was picking things up and throwing them at the room's window, which was doing next to nothing to the glass. However it did seem to keep him busy, even if the man was currently destroying the room that he was locked in. Finally though he seemed to have run out of steam and plopped down onto the queen-sized bed in the room.]

God-fucking-damn it!!!

[He yelled out in fury before turning towards his not!wife, Wilhelmina.] Why the hell do I have to be stuck in here with you of all people!?

[Crossing his arms across his chest with a scowl on his face before he began to mumble to himself, although she could probably hear him anyway.] Stuck in a hotel with a woman that doesn't even put out, great fucking idea town.
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[The entire time she's simply standing to the side watching him. She's quite tempted to tie him up and stick him in a corner for convenience.]

I am less happy about this than you, to be stuck in a room with such a foul person.


Hey, tell that freaking hat of yours to shut up. I'm tryin' to think of how the hell to get out of here.

Tiamat is a crimson lord, not a "hat".

There are no ways out, waiting would be the best option.

It's a talking hat!

And there's no way in hell that I'm waiting! Besides who says that these bastards are just gonna let us out like that?

Do not be so foolish as to assume that is Tiamat herself, it is only a vessel in which to communicate with.

Then do as you like as long as you do not cause undue problems.

Whatever, I still say it's a talking hat.

[Now what kind of problems could he make when he's thinking?]

And what the hell are you gonna do?

[She would give a rebuttal but it was pointless. Arguing with an idiot never got you anywhere.]

Wait. It is fruitless to exert energy when nothing can be done. Sitting and waiting patiently for an opening is the only method in a situation like this.

[Sitting and waiting and making sure she was aware of every movement, every breath, and ready to take advantage of any change that may present itself.]

That's freaking stupid, nothing's gonna happen if ya just sit there! We need to figure out what the hell they even want us to do here.

Observation nets greater reward than carelessly panicking. Judging based on past experiences it is doubtful this will last too long.

Please do not make me restrain you.

[She simply turns her head and gives him a look as if to say "try me".]

[He glared right back at her.] Are ya gonna say something cupcake?

[She says nothing as if ignoring him completely. This should not be confused with passivity or backing down.]

If ya aren't gonna say or do anything then stop fucking glaring at me sweetheart!

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