Tank Dempsey (zombee_slayer) wrote,
Tank Dempsey

Round 30 [Action] Zombies beware

[Action A]

[Dempsey had long since abandoned his house, which was now ravaged by hordes of the undead and literally covered with dead, headless bodies. Instead he has opted to find shelter elsewhere and is currently busy destroying everything that gets in his way. And yes, he will take survivors as part of his group.]

[Action B]

[Maybe you're caught in a horde, or are a part of one, or perhaps you were just passing by when you take notice of the man finishing off the rremnants of another wave of the undead. It was clear that he has been extremely busy as well, at the moment he was sweating and panting hard but was still grinning with glee. After all he's been held back for way too long and has been wanting to murder something for a long while now. The appearance of the zombies has only made him one very happy man.]

Hey zombies! You're dying over here!

[Action C]

[As things stand Dempsey has decided that it would probably be in the best interest for himself, and anyone who has chosen to be a part of his group, to head out of what were once the more heavily populated areas of the town.

Are you a survivor who had found their way to him? Someone who was infected and is now trying to eat his flesh? Or perhaps already part of his group.]
Tags: action, player_event!, zombies
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