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[Action] Round 31
Little Dempsey!
[Action A: Locked to anyone who may have some reason to be inside of his house.]

[Through out the entire morning of the Dempsey residence a person may take notice of the sound of squeaking. And in truth one may believe that it would either be the sound of the house settling or that there may have been a mouse on the loose. However, any of those ideas would quickly become crushed if they actually listened to the squeaking, which sounded eerily similar to a human voice. And if they looked around enough they may actually see what appears to be Tank himself, now no bigger than the size of a small mouse.]

Ha, okay this is not fucking cool!

[Action B: In the front lawn of Dempsey's house.]

[Somehow Dempsey had managed to work his way out of his house. And now he runs the risk of being crushed, kicked, burned and other terrible fates. That is, if he survives his currently battle with a nearby spider.]

C'mon you over-grown bug! I'll crush ya like I fucking do when I'm regular size!

[Are you willing to help him out in his current plight?]

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[Well, Riza doesn't notice Dempsey right away--but Black Hayate does, and he's stuffing his nose into the spider. attempting to bite it.]

[Riza follows a few moments later, eyes wide.]

Mr. Dempsey? Is that you down there?

[She has good eyes, but she can't quite believe them at the moment.]

Hey! Tell you damn mutt to back the fuck off! I want to deal with this fucker one on one!

[She rolls her eyes, but gently tugs on Black Hayate's leash and the dog whines but sits back. Though the wagging tail and eager eyes make it pretty clear that Hayate would just about love to attempt to eat that spider.]

Whatever you say. You're sure you're all right, then?

[And she can barely hide her urge to laugh.]

Of course I am! [He starts firing his now tiny M16 at the spider which sounds more like a dull cap-gun. Although it seemed to have the desired effect of harming the spider.]

[Riza waits patiently, gently tugging on Hayate's leash when the dog got too excited. She won't leave until she knows Dempsey is safe from the menacing spider. Just for her own peace of mind.]

All right then.

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