Tank Dempsey (zombee_slayer) wrote,
Tank Dempsey

Round 32 [Shroomfield action] {Backdated a little}

[Dempsey hadn't been watching what he was putting inside of his food, and in all truth and honesty he didn't really care. He just wanted to make himself some soap as the days began to turn colder. Of course because of this he hadn't taken notice of the strange mushrooms that had cut up, figuring that since they were in the kitchen then someone in the house must have bought, therefore they were safe to eat. Of course as it turns out the exact opposite was true, something that he would quickly find out soon enough.]

[Action; Goldberg St.]

[Dempsey growled, standing on his lawn experiencing a scene that only he could see as he struggled to get out of what appeared to be a very tiny cage.]

Ah shit! What the fucking hell you cocksuckers! Why am I stuck in this damn piss hole again!?

[Reaching forward he grabbed a hold of two bars and began and shaking them as if they were there. Pushing himself away from the imaginary bars before promptly falling down, fulling expecting there to be something to stop him from falling.]

[Grunting as he realized the imaginary walls weren't where they were supposed to be. Looking behind him, his mind  envisioned his bamboo cage breaking as he fell back. A large grin quickly spread across his face before he began to quietly let out an evil and creepy laugh that may even make a hardened individual cringe if they heard it.]

[Quickly Dempsey took notice of a nearby drone wandering. Getting into a low crouch, believing himself to be in a dark swamp before approaching the drone slowly and quietly. It had taken a while for him to reach poor, unsuspecting individual, but once he did Tank's actions were quick and decisive.]

[Grabbing a hold of the drone's head, a sickening crack could be heard as Dempsey twisted the drone's head into an odd angle that it should not be in.]

You fucking Japanese pricks thought that you're so fucking smart at catching me didn't you? [He whispered into the now dead drone's ear.] Well the joke's on you, cause Tank Fucking Dempsey isn't gonna stop until he's killed each of you.

[Getting back into a low crouch, Dempsey quickly dragged the body over to a nearby house and set it down on the porch. Turning around he began to stalk off, looking for more of his human prey.]

{OOC: Alright as you can probably tell, Dempsey has eaten the mushrooms and is not in the best of mind at the moment. So please, approach him at your own risk as he may very well attack you. Note: he will not kill or harm your character in anyway possible unless specifically asked for. Also, he is currently unarmed at the moment so there is no need to worry about him shooting your character if they approach or run away. Also, if you really believe that your character can get Dempsey to snap out of it, then by all means go ahead and try. And as a side warning, there may also be extremely heavy language. So if you find any of Dempsey's language to be too offensive here then I will censor it.
Tags: action, language, player_event!, shroomfield, violence
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