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Round 34 [Action]
Having a smoke
[To some people who may not know him well, it may come as some what of a shock to know that Dempsey was still alive. Sure the radiation was starting to take it's toll on his body. But he has been through similar situations like this before, the only difference this time was that he could feel his body beginning to wither away and give in to the nuclear fallout, the little bit of hair that he had allowed to grow on his head was almost completely gone. All of the wounds that he had sustained from fighting and scavenging were not healing properly and he had quickly found himself extremely susceptible to illness.

At the moment he was currently taking in any survivors that might come his way, allowing them to use his basement as shelter. However at the same time he had found himself picking fights with the odd cannibal, or cannibals, that had wandered too far away from their groups, doing so mostly out of hope that it would not be the radiation that kills him.

Even as night fell he kept himself wide awake, looking out for anyone who had survived the past couple of days.]

{OOC: Feel free to have been one of the few who had made it to Dempsey's basement or just a person passing by. Post is open to all.}

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[Room for one more? Viktoria's not looking so hot. She's bruised and scratched from a run-in with a cannibal, and she's definitely suffering from the subtle effects of radiation poisoning. The broom handle she used to fight off the aforementioned cannibal is now a walking stick.]

[Of course there is.]

Hey cupcake, over here.

[Dazed, she looks around for the source of the voice for a moment before she spots him.] ...You're still alive.

Of course I'm alive! [His voice is coarse and rough, but still just as loud as ever.]

[She heard that. But she'll humor him, if only because she is obviously in much worse shape.]

I haven't seen many others. Not since this... sickness took hold.

Catching up on Thanksgiving event posts; hope you don't mind a backtag!

[Balin's come back to Goldberg Street, enduring the symptoms of radiation sickness the best he can. Which is really not all that well; he's stayed out in this radioactive, dusty ruin to clearly develop some persistent bruises on his body, and that headache's not going away.]

Fuck. Is'is gonna keep goin' till we're all dead? Is'at what'ey want? Fuckers ...

[He's trying to figure out which one of the ruined houses on the block is his house, in one more attempt to try and find the shotgun he bought here in town. He desperately needs it.]

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