I'm an attorney now!

Round 27 [Action]

[Dempsey was walking down the streets of Mayfield while carrying his usual arsenal of weaponry with a large, stupid grin on his face. However one may notice something different about the man today. The chief one being that he seemed to actually be fairly happy at the moment, if that smile on his lips was anything to go by.

The next thing that they would probably notice was that he wasn't wearing the usual clothes that the town had given it's male residents. Nope instead he was now wearing his Marine uniform. It seemed to have even been in the same condition that it was right before he was taken to by Mayfield, right down to blood stains.]

This is freaking AWESOME!
bloody picture

Round 25 [Phone/Action] 25% droned.


Hey, any of you assholes feeling weird today, like something's off? Or is it just me? Cause I've been remembering things that ain't never happened to me. So I'm thinkin' that this damned town is trying to do something.


[Dempsey was walking around town, feeling like he's been here for almost his entire life, even though that was most certainly not true. It also seemed like his meteor was glowing brighter and being louder than usual. Of course Tank being Tank didn't really take notice of this fact. And instead he went on to his current task, trying to find out what exactly was going on.]

Yo! You over there! I've got some questions to ask ya.
Having a smoke

Round 24 [Phone]

Hey! Tank Dempsey here, I was wonderin' if any of ya know how to give a decent haircut? Don't really trust any of the damned drones to do it. And when I went into the barber's shop there was only one guy working.

So how about it? I'll even pay ya too if you do a good job on it.
Little Dempsey!

[Phone/Action] Round 23


Holy shit, it's the same as freaking Mother's day ain't it? This is fucking awesome! Wonder which of the chicks know how to give a good massage? Backs been killin' me lately.


[Dempsey was walking around town as per usual. He didn't have to work today, which was a plus. And all of the women were at the men's every beck and call for the day. So how is he going to spend his father's day? By grabbing some beers and snacks from the market of course! Can't watch T.V without those essential items!]
I has juice!

[Phone] Round 22

[An excited Dempsey picked up the phone after gaining  a new regain from the town.] Holy shit! Haha! No fucking I got one of those!

Hehe, hahaha! mwahahahaha!!!

Lets see a fucking meat sack get past this baby! Hey, anyone wanna come over and see my toy? I may let ya touch it if I like ya enough.
Little Dempsey!

[Phone] Round 21

Figures they want us to kill each other again. Probably just gonna be another fucking rip off, I don't even know who the hell the guy I'm supposed to kill is!


Whatever, I don't know about the rest of you meat-sacks, but I'm gonna be holdin' up at the bar. So if ya wanna try and kill me that's where I'll be.
Hey there Jugger-girl

Round 20 [Action]

[Tank Dempsey was walking down the streets of Mayfield, and had actually took the time to groom himself this morning! He had shaved his face and his hair was combed for once. The reason being, it was mother's day and for some odd reason he was feeling rather compelled to look his best today. He was also not hitting on every good looking woman that he crossed paths with. If anything he seemed rather polite towards the fairer sex today and had even helped out a few woman by carrying their bags. Of course anyone who had met Dempsey before would obviously notice that this was a drastic change in his behavior and something was wrong.]
[Any woman that he comes across will either get:]


[An actual polite conversation with Tank.]


[A willing man-servant for the day who will do anything that you want.]


[All of the above.]


Ugh! Doesn't that fucking figure!? That brat's starting to get on my nerves! She reminds of that freaking demonic that I had to deal with.

Definition of bad ass

Round 18 [Phone]

[The phone gets knocked off of it's receiver and anyone who decided to listen in would here a catchy jingle. At the end of the song they could also here Dempsey chuckling lightly in mirth along with sound of a glass soda bottle being dispensed out of a machine.]

Heh, reach for me Jugger-lady.